Monday, June 5th 1989, Ole Hermansen opened his unique collection to the public. Many natives and tourist will recognize Ole Hermansen from Veteran Rally races on the island of Bornholm. Only a few knows, that this former Auto dealer possesses an entire museum of rare cars, motor technology, tools and accessories.

Ole Hermansens Ford A fra 1930  J1563.        Belsize 1911.

I have been collecting old cars and motorparts my whole life. I made my first restoration job back in 1973, when I got  hold of a Ford A from 1930. I restored it from scratch to the extent, where it appeared like a brand new car. Later followed many other cars. Ole Hermansen clearly has a soft spot on British sports-cars, which today constitute a large part of the entire collection with more than 80 vehicles, ranging from cars, motorcycles, tractors to mopeds and stationary engines.

Built up over the years
Beyond the vehicles, Ole Hermansen saved, preserved and collected everything old from workshop -equipment, advertising, to road signs and more. All together, the collection provide a unique view of the entire environment surrounding the youth of the car-technique. Ole has over the years not only been collecting and restoring, but also made great effort to present the collection in an educational manner. Everything has been placed in a neat and  presentable manner.

Many of the cars in the collection contains many interesting stories from Bornholm as a part of their history. Bornholms first NSU Prinz is located in the museum, just next to TH. Madsen’s Ford Y Van from 1936. Th.Madsen was a bee-keeper in Aakirkeby. In 1936 he purchased the Van for kr. 3.300. Mr. Madsen managed to ride more than 100.000 km in this car before he passed away in 1987. Ole Hermansen took possession of this very preserved car, and has only   
restored in gently since.
Ford van 1936                                                    NSU Prinz

Other than cars, that holds a close historic connection to Bornholm, the museum also contains cars and engines, which are unique for the Nordic part of Europe. A one of a kind Belsize from 1911 and a very rare Harley Davidson motorcycle from 1919 contributes to this very unique collection.

Birgit and Ole Hermansen in their BMW 326 1938

“The Honorary Awards" is assigned to the  museum for a collection of high standard.
Aakirkeby Municipality Culture Award 1999
Nordea Denmark Foundation 2003.
DVK's Emil-Prize 2013.